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To pupils: all binaries can be downloaded at

After overwriting, maybe need to run chmod +x /path/to/sublime_text. For linux default installation, need to add sudo.

For programmers:

Due to some unknown reason, github account is banned.

3132 Linux x64 0xe119 94 95
3132 Linux x86 0xc829 94 95
3132 Win x64 0x3a198 94 95
3132* Win x64 0x3a195 f8 e0
3132 Win x86 0x26ab7 1a 2a
3132* Win x86 0x26ab7 1a fe
3132 OSX 0x716b f8 e0
  • star * marked rows means another method.

Crack 3132 for Linux x64 (Only Ubuntu default installtion, dd maybe require elevation of privilege. )

printf '\x95' | dd seek=$((0xe119)) conv=notrunc bs=1 of=/path/to/sublime_text
VERSION Md5 check for Windows x64
3132 md5:e14826468e1f50f8b9e1a8bb395e5309

If you have no idea about cracking for Windows, recommend to use Hex​Viewer
But first of all, maybe sublime text 3103 or 2.0.2 is needed.

Traditional offset:

3114 Linux x64 0xc6fd ff c8 31 c0
3114 Linux x86 0xc427 48 0f 94 c0 c6 c0 01 90
3114 Win x64 0xe62b0 83 f8 01 3b c0 90
3114 Win x86 0xa22fb 1a 2a
3114 OSX 0x5d9d 83 f8 01 39 c0 90

Previous versions download link.

Github : @fdxer

E-mail :


Plannja eDachy 1.2.13 crack

I don’t even know how to start this but here it goes,
My kind of work is about designing roofs for houses. I used to work with a company that had this software, now they don’t support it anymore. Upon registration with a new provided code, the software worked for 3 months and then asked for another code, so on …
I have it currenlty working by setting back the time on some old laptop where it was activated.
As I see, it was written in Borland Delphi. I REd it via DeDe/IDA/Olly and I cannot seem to bypass it fully, I get the main GUI up and running but unable to create a project and whatnot, will attach picture.
Unable to attach it fully, here you have only the exe (.ex) that upon execution it generates “eDachy_autoryzacja.dat” where it stores both the codes.
It is an old and rusty sort of software but it helps.
I’m too modest to ask for your help as in doing it for me, price or no price but only if it is doable and on a 1 to 10 scale, how hard is it?
You can VirusTotal / Sandbox / … virtual machine it, is absolutely clean.
awaiting any sort of reply, thank you!

0019E03B: E8 90
0019E03C: D4 90
0019E03D: B7 90
0019E03E: FF 90
0019E03F: FF 90

Forgot to tell you why I wen’t through this, Plannja got into a merger with Ruuki which is Finnish and changed ownership, … Poland, Sweden, Finland, too much confusion!


Plannja eDachy 1.2.13 crack